Craig Tees

Home of Empowered Relationships and Life is a Dance!

My many years of life experiences combined with focused trainings, and a variety of workshops, including many years of study with advanced professionals, has provided a vision that includes empowering relationships using the concepts of dance. A Proven system that provides a very successful and fun way to create and build intimacy with your partner.

This program provides the tools and understanding to create the balance and fulfillment that is what we all seek for our relationships. I have compiled the best to share with you, to help you succeed with far less effort than most couples have experienced.

Integrating the elements of dance from my 25 years as a Ballroom Dancer into the dynamics of relationships, I have at last made it possible to feel and experience a new kind of relationship, that can move gracefully through the ups and downs of life.

My background includes a diverse group of experiences that support and enhance the vision for this project!

1.  Author and Father –
Books I have written and Published –

Auto therapy – What is wrong with your car may be what is wrong with you!

and  books that are waiting to be published –

My Job Interviews – a Year of Job Searches
They Will be Done – The Story of My Childhood and Growing up with Religious Fanatics and Hypocrites.
And a collection of 50 poems that I have written, some of which were published.

As the father of 6 children, I raised each of them to use their minds, to be self empowered. The result is most of them are happily married to their high school sweethearts, all have college degrees, Four of them have their own businesses, and are very successful, they all have beautiful families and continue to enjoy spending time together with each other and their spouses.

Of course I could not do all of that alone and was very fortunate to be married at the time to a woman that worked very hard to ensure they were loved, supported and cared for.

2. Investor –

I have invested significant amounts of money in Art and Music Projects, including The Grand Piano Series, Mozart Her Story The New Musical with Tegan Summer, and Aspects of Love an Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical, currently running in Londons West End, also with Tegan Summer as a producer. In addition I volunteer regularly at Freedom Waters Foundation, and support their annual Galas.

3. Mansquest

A guide to empowered relationships, the result of many years of research, experiences and study with advanced teachers, you will learn how to create and maintain a balanced and healthy relationship. A very relevant and basic set of concepts that are easily mastered, and will help you to move from where you are to a place that is much more fulfilling! Time to begin enjoying life together and learning more about each other!
Using my experiences as a Ballroom Dancer, along with my Qigong and Taichi training, I will share with you the steps that are powerful and that will change your life and relationship!

I am also a  Certified Master Life Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner, And NLP Practitioner, and blessed with intuitive insight and empathy, to assist you through your journey when needed.

4.  IT Specialist – Computer Wizard Naples

40 years experience solving computer problems,
For the last 17 years I have owned my own computer Company.
I am a Certified Apple Technician, and a Certified Dell, HP and Windows technician.